Beard Trimmers(Mi Trimmer,Philips Trimmer,Syska Trimmer)

There are such huge numbers of electrical shavers available now it very well may be truly overpowering. What’s more, a couple have the same number of alternatives as your vehicle. By and by, we’re scanning for a sturdy beard trimmer with a phenomenal battery life (since we continually neglect to control it), a couple of extravagant accessories so we can get inventive on the off chance that we are going with a goatee or thicker mustache look, and some great force at an incredible cost. We have incorporated our preferred trimmers(philips trimmer, mi trimmer , syska trimmer) and shavers checked on for men .

So Team LootCarts comes with another Big Bang i.e. Beard Trimmers(Mi Timmers,Philips Trimmer,Syska Trimmer)

Top 5 Beard Trimmers

1.Mi XXQ01HM (Top Beard Trimmer For Men)

mi beard trimmer

Mi is currently an easily recognized name in the Indian market, because of the across the board expansion of spending Android cell phones and related extras in the market.

The organization has as of late began to present items, for example, air purifiers and LED bulbs in the Indian market and the spending trimmer adds to that developing rundown. 

Plan and Build Quality 

The Mi trimmer has a mechanical structure with insignificant lines or bends on the frame. 

The suspension in itself is by all accounts somewhat massive yet feels good to hold in the hand. The somewhat finished completion on the body helpers in better grasp in the palm. 

The development is from high caliber and feels entirely strong and premium. 

The Mi XXQ01HM trimmer accompanies 1-year guarantee inside which you can guarantee free fixes if something turns out badly with the item. 

Trimmer highlights 

The Mi XXQ01HM has 40 diverse length settings extending from 0.5-20mm which no different trimmers in this value run offer. 

Oneself honing sharp edges trim through the facial hairs easily, in this way conveying a spotless and exact cutting experience. 

Battery Life 

The Mi XXQ01HM accompanies four LED charge pointer which ends up being very exact in showing the battery left. 

The battery inside this trimmer will last as long as an hour and a half for each charge. The battery inside backings quick charging and can be squeezed up in only two hours. 

It additionally underpins both wired and remote use on the off chance that you need a brisk trim and neglected to charge the trimmer in advance. 


The Mi XXQ01HM is outstanding amongst other spending trimmers accessible in the Indian market which accompanies wired just as remote utilization alternatives. 

The hour and a half battery and brisk charging under two hours making it outstanding amongst other accessible for buy at just Rs.1,299.



2. Syska HT3052K/01 Beard Trimmer

syska beard trimmer

Syska HT3052K/01 is a dual power mode trimmer featuring a multitude of blade sets of various shapes aimed for different functions.

This trimmer, ideal for men comes with a very enticing price tag that makes it an ideal choice for people looking to purchase a trimmer for the first time.

Design and build quality

The Syska HT3052K/01 features an ergonomic design that is very comfortable to hold in your palms. The rounded contours offer excellent grip and make the actual use of this trimmer a delightful experience.

The two-tone plastic finish is of great quality with no flexes or creeks anywhere to be seen on the chassis.

This budget trimmer has two separate LEDs that shows the battery level and charging status. The battery indicator turns red when the juice becomes low, which will save you from an incomplete trimming session.

Trimmer features

This Syska trimmer uses high-quality stainless steel blades that cut through your facial hairs with minimal resistance. This skin-friendly blade has self-sharpening integrated to it with the help of a metal plate that constantly rubs against the blade, sharpening it in the process.

This trimmer blade has a trim tolerance of 0.5mm to 10mm with 10-stop lock adjustment for even and precise control over the beard and moustache shape.

The detachable head is washable and is very easy to clean. This trimmer from Syska comes with a variety of heads for different purposes such as nose trimming, body grooming etc.


With compliance to the International hygiene standards, this Syska trimmer is skin-friendly and won’t cause any allergic reactions by itself.

With easily cleanable heads, you can always keep the blades free from dirt and other residues as well.

Battery life

The Syska HT3052K/01 features rapid charging which takes just 1 hour to fully charge the trimmer and it can last for about 50 minutes.

It can also be operated directly from AC power, which is a great boon for those who forget to charge the machine in advance.


The Syska HT3052K/01 is a steal deal for the price at which it retails in the market as of now. The ability to switch heads for different purposes makes it a versatile trimmer that can find many uses in a single, ergonomic form factor.


3.Philips QT4001/15 Beard Trimmer

Philips is a notable brand in the nation that has its items over a wide range of employments.

The QT4001/15 home trimmer from Philips is a spending preparing gadget from the organization focusing on men. 

Plan and construct quality 

The Philips Trimmer QT4001/15 is one of the most sturdy spending trimmers in the sub Rs. 2,000 value section that intrigued us with its assemble quality. The matte completion plastic utilized for the body is of high caliber at its cost. 

The catch plate and front plate are finished and this serves in stylish capacities as well as in giving a grasp to holding the gadget for simple activity with a solitary hand. 

The leader of this trimmer is effectively separable and can be washed occasionally to clean it from flotsam and jetsam and residue that may settle between the teeth over the long haul. 

With 2-long periods of guarantee from Philips, the trust level in the fabricate nature of this trimmer is quite incredible. 

Philips Trimmer highlights 

The hardened steel sharp edges utilized in this trimmer are of extremely high caliber and trims through the hairs no sweat. 

With the adjusted edges on the separable head, the cutting edges and the hairs come in contact at a smooth edge that has negligible grating. This encourages the trimmer to convey a very much formed facial hair and mustache trim. 

The steel cutting edges interact with one another, on account of the tight resilience that goes about as a self-honing system which will hold the sharpness of the edges after some time. 

This trimmer from Philips has an amazing trim length extending from at least 1mm to 10mm for an increasingly cleaned appearance. 


The Durapower innovation from Philips improves the charging procedure and makes the inbuilt battery-powered battery endures longer than different trimmers in the market. 

The natural LED status pointer demonstrates the charging status and turns green on accomplishing full charge. This causes you to abstain from cheating which is a huge misuse of power. 

Battery life 

The Philips Trimmer QT4001/15 has a restrictive two-pin connector that connects to the AC attachment and is fueled by a battery-powered AA-size battery inside that will keep going for 45 minutes of consistent use following a 8-hour charging meeting. 


In case you’re looking for a dependable section level trimmer that offers a skin-accommodating preparing execution, the Philips QT4001/15 trimmer is a decent decision. 

The strong form quality joined with 2 years of guarantee settles on this marked trimmer a convincing decision for a spending plan around Rs.1,000.

Hence the best ranked trimmer is the Philips Trimmer which has been ruling the market in the name Beard Trimmer-Philips Trimmer.

4. Moser 1400-0050 Beard Trimmer

Moser is a well known German brand spent significant time in prepping embellishments for the two people. 

The Moser 1400-0050 is an expert evaluation AC fueled trimmer cum hair scissors reasonable for individual just as business use for hairdressers and salons. 

Plan and Build Quality 

The Moser 1400-0050 transcendently being an expert trimmer, includes a modern structure that probably won’t be to the enjoying of many. 

The two-tone shading plan looks alluring and the assemble quality is great at a trimmer with a cost tag under Rs.2000. 

The hard plastic case is difficult to beat and can withstand tumbles to the ground from a short separation with no harm. 

The AC line that associates the trimmer to the mains is thick and has fortifications to ensure the wire doesn’t snap effectively when wandered aimlessly. 

Trimmer Features 

This expert trimmer highlights an exactness ground hardened steel cutting edge set made in Germany. This steel edge is ultra-sharp and trims through the hairs without any difficulty. 

To empower high exactness cutting, the Moser 1400-0050 highlights a trim length going from 0.7mm to 3mm with 5 locking position with the multi-click switch as an afterthought. 

The top notch swaying armature engine offers half improved execution when contrasted and different beard trimmers in its classification. 

The points edge position conveys a very much molded appearance. With help for hair cutting, this trimmer offers a total haircutting and cutting arrangement at a moderate spending plan. 


The Moser 1400-0050 weighs about 520g, which is considerably higher than its rivals. 

This expanded weight may turn into somewhat awkward when utilized for a more extended term at a solitary stretch. 

There are a great deal of connections accessible for this expert hair scissors and trimmer, making it swiss armed force blade among the spending trimmers. 


The Moser 1400-0050 is the best spending AC mains-controlled trimmer accessible under Rs.2000 in the Indian market. 

On the off chance that you are a salon proprietor or even somebody who wouldn’t like to sit tight for a brisk trim meeting, this AC controlled item will spare a ton of time for you.

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5. Nova NHT 1076 Beard Trimmer

The Nova NHT 1076 is as of late propelled in the Indian market with in vogue structure and noteworthy execution. On the off chance that you taking a gander at financial plan agreeable facial trimmer that spares your salon costs, at that point it will be your ideal decision. 

On the plan front, it has an intriguing two-tone structure with surface and sparkle part. By and large, this trimmer looks upscale and premium. The develop quality is to the imprint with not too bad haul regardless of the broad utilization of plastics. 

The tempered steel sharp edges utilized in this trimmer is of high caliber and trims through the hairs without breaking a sweat. It offers 0.5mm to 9mm cutting extent utilizing three unique brushes. 

The Nova NHT 1076 sudden spikes in demand for an inbuilt battery-powered battery, which endures up to 45 mins. It likewise accompanies capacity spread.


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