How to lose belly fat in 2 weeks!

“Take Care Of Your Body.It’s The Only Place You Have To Live In”

The year 2020 has been harsh in all the contexts, after the economic crisis the most disastrous factor is the HEALTH whether it’s the body shape or the mental status both the things have started ending up the actual “YOU” as someone has said without a fit body and a sounding mind the whole of your path is useless. So yes you read it right I am here to give you the best in this pandemic  with” How you can lose your belly fat in 2 weeks” the only thing you have to take care of is to give time to yourself so let’s start with all I have today for the special “YOU”

EXCLUSIVE DISCLAIMER–I promise you I won’t talk about heavy diet changes or impossible cardio sessions the only thing I will focus is on the routine building which the difference you will start seeing in two weeks. First of all always keep in mind things never happen in one night it takes a lot more, so make up with your will power and talk to yourself that you are ready and won’t give up till you die(die sounds heavy here but we all live in the Bollywood era so big words are all necessary like the Hero has to win at last)

1.THE MORNING RITUALS: After taking a good amount of sleep wake up fresh and grab a glass of Luke warm water with lemon juice or if you don’t like lemons and water go for black coffee and wake up your inner souls and go for a brisk walk session(maintain enough speed and time laps so that you sweat to take out unwanted contents from your body).Doing some of the breathing exercises and cardio exercises(crunches, sit-ups, push ups, jumping etc) helps you keep up the spirit and relaxes the soul always focus on the exhaling and inhaling parts well.

2.FIRST FOOD INTAKE– It’s very important to keep up the habit of eating on time and in the right manner.So start up with any good oats and fibre breakfast(oats, chopped bananas, nuts, berries etc) make it colourful and so that you feel good munching on it.If you are fine with eggs go with the boiled egg whites.

3.HYDRATE YOURSELF THROUGH OUT THE DAY–It’s very important to keep yourself up with good amount of water to maintain up your water levels as the main body content is water round about to 70%.So eat up good fruits bowls(watermelon, musk melons, plum, grapes etc) and drink plenty of water nearly 5-6 ltr.

4.MEALS OF THE DAY–You can try the intimement fasting thing too but if you can’t stay hungry for longer hours go for good amount of lunch and less amount in the dinner time try opting for the dinner thing till 8 pm and if you work late at night go for lite eating stuff and always walk some amount of distance after eating don’t just rest up.

5.DETOX WATER— That’s water filled with sliced whole lemons, oranges, or grapefruits-and make a point of sipping your way before is very easy and quick solution to flush out waste from your body, what you have to do is cut slices of the following things and take a big jug of water and add them in it and let it rest for a while and it’s ready. Citrus fruits are rich in the antioxidant D-limonene, a powerful compound found in the peel that stimulates liver enzymes to help flush toxins from the body.

6.LIMITATIONS–I know this is the most tough part to be very honest with all the readers diet is the most important key to be fit and healthy so try the best to avoid liquid sugar intake(aerated drinks etc),rice intake(try on 2-3 spoons if you can’t leave it),excessive oiled up things(fried stuff, frozen foods),try going for lesser carbs in night(no potatoes, cottage cheese )

7.SOME SUPPLEMENTS–Not all the supplements effect your health like normal protein drinks, glucose to keep you up, vitamin(C,D) and calcium normal chews, green tea, coffee, iron tablets, flax oil tablets(for lubricating joints) if you want to use these go for them just keep in mind the amount of it and how to use them.

The vitamin E capsules work very well for skin glow, hair growth and shine and is good for health even you can also use a multi vitamin capsule for good results (once tab a day )


When you workout it’s really important to give accurate amount of protein to the body(which doesn’t state the use of whey protein)So going for a normal amount of protein drink makes you build up and doesn’t let your body fat mass lean


Glucon D is my personal favourite whenever I feel low I straight away go for a glass of it helps my body and mind to keep myself in senses and keeps up going.


It is very important for people who are in their thirties as skipping oil could affect their joint working fluidity so taking flax oil helps you to lubricate your joints effectively.


Coffee helps you in building up your metabolism process which helps you in a lot of ways and also acts as a fat burner.I suggest Davidoff because it is actually strong(1 table spoon of Nescafe=1/2 spoon of Davidoff ).You can for the old and gold Nescafe too but for sidekick do try this.


There isn’t any need of telling it’s benefit at all.Suggestion of using it twice or thrice a day would help you a lot.(kudos is my personal favourite) and this a major thing which will help you in how to lose belly fat in two weeks


-The apple cider vinegar taken in appropriate amount i.e. 400ml water and round 10-15ml of apple cider vinegar acts as a very fast fat cutter I understand that the smell and taste is bad but it works well in loosening of belly fat.

So this is what I tried up with different people(friends and family members) and to be honest it worked well for them and today they are free from many harmful health factors like blood pressure problems and diabetic problems.In the beginning it’s not easy to adapt these things but with normal workout and time you will So, at last I would wish you luck and happy health throughout your life also do comment if you anyhow felt better after all this and let me know I will be back with more things for you.Take care stay home stay safe…do let us know what you want to hear from us next by commenting or writing us on our email.

-Bharat Batra(Team LootCarts)


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